Filter size (mm) :????? 110X90 Viewing field:??????????? 93x43mm optical:????????

  • Model: STBEGONIA-433E
Filter size (mm) :      110X90
Viewing field:            93x43mm
optical:                      1/1/1/2
Shade control:           Light states:  DIN 4
                                  Dark states:  DIN 9-13
Switching Time:        Light-dark:1/25,000s (0.04ms)
Delay Time:               Dark-Light:0.1-1.0sec
UV-IR Protection:      Up to shade DIN16 at all time
Operating Temperature:  -5
Storing temperature :-10
--- +70
Power Supply:      Sollar cells batteries+1 CR2032 replaceable Li battery.
Grinding Function: YES
Lens Power Control: Automatic
Helmet Material: PP(Fireproofing)
Color option: According to client's requirements